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Just as Lilia helps support the search for a cure for Rett Syndrome, start your own healing journey with a Gemstone Bracelet. Each piece is strung with responsibly sourced gemstones that have been charged by the sun under the guidance of a Reiki Master. A piece of Lilia’s art is nestled in a sterling silver charm to inspire you as you embark on your path toward healing. Take whatever you need from each of our gemstones offerings, and let it be your daily reminder of your goals.

Onyx: Reiki masters say that onyx gives strength and stamina to the wearer. Onyx gemstones impart confidence, which helps you to be at ease in your life. If you are battling grief or impulsivity, this gemstone inspires wisdom to overcome these negative forces.

Description: Authentic 10mm Sterling Silver abstract art charm with 8mm gemstones and Sterling Silver decorative spacers, strung with stretch jewelry cording.  Fits most men’s wrist sizes. Special sizing available upon request.