My Horrid Photo Shoot- by Lilia Munn

Lilia is not always keen on being a model for her products or being the subject of our video shoots. Likewise, the picture of Lilia wearing her Versatile Bandana came out of one such photo shoot, and Lilia gives us her commentary in her own words about her thoughts and feelings during that "horrid" event. 


My Horrid Photo Shoot- by Lilia Munn

No photos before breakfast! I was so peeved.  This is pathetic. So horrid! 

[To mom] You know I need my breakfast first.  Just like you need to drink coffee.

I felt like baby photos all over again.  I felt angry, bored, thirsty, and hungry.

Help! I do not like this! 

This is done.  Leave me alone! I’m tired.  


Moral of the story: Lilia definitely needs breakfast before she can rise and shine in front of the camera! 

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