Missed the Ascend 2024 Rett Syndrome National Summit? It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Hands on Visual Symphony Pieces!

Don't worry if you missed the Ascend 2024 Rett Syndrome National Summit last month. You can still get your hands on a pair of Lilia’s Eye Candy x BILLY Footwear shoes and coordinating fashion wear!

Lilia’s Visual Symphony art, printed on the BILLY shoe canvas, is a best-seller in the BILLY Footwear collection. Grab yours while supplies last and complete your ultra-cool look with Lilia’s Visual Symphony collection: zip hoodies, hoodie dress, bomber jacket, yoga pants, yoga top, bucket hat, scarf, tote, phone case, fanny pack, swimsuit, dress, and casual shirt. With such an extensive list of complementary items, we're sure you'll find something you love!

To complete your fabulous look, don’t forget to explore Lilia’s extensive jewelry line.

By the way, did we mention? Not even Rett Syndrome can stop Lilia from creating her stunning art and fashion pieces!

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